Shopping Online?

Shoe Shopping Tips - Shopping online
For some shopping pros, it doesn’t take long to master shopping online for shoes. For others, it’s a new art that takes a bit of practice and awareness to navigate effectively. Learn some tips that will save you time and frustration when you start relying on nothing but descriptions and pictures to select your next pair of shoes.

Know Your Shoe Types

Shoe Shopping Tips - Know shoe types
For starters, there are the basic shoe types such as active wear, dress wear, and casual wear. But there are a ton of different features for every shoe type that vary from brand to brand and style to style. Learn what types work best for your feet. Do your feet prefer open-toed? Closed-toed? High heels, flats? Both? Narrow toe, wide toe? Learn the shoe types and spoil your feet.

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Know Your Feet

Shoe Shopping Tips - Know your feet
No matter where you’re shopping, it’s important to know your feet—not just your shoe size, but also all the quirks that your feet have. Be familiar with brands or certain shoe styles that usually fit your feet comfortably. This is especially useful to know if you’re shopping online; shoes always look tempting and perfect until they make your feet unhappy.

Advice for Shoe Addicts

Shoe Shopping Tips - Advice for shoe addicts
It’s entertaining to hear how many pairs of shoes some people have (and by people, we mean women). But the truth is that sometimes women are addicted to shoe shopping, and addictions are time-consuming, impractical, and expensive habits. Could your life benefit in other areas if you cut down on your shoe shopping? Learn some tips for cutting back.